FREE Laundry


After serving the homeless in Hong Kong with food and clothing roughly 100 times in the last year, it became clear that the clothing donation system wasn't working. 

We'd hand out clothing and see it in the rubbish the next day.   

If the recipient really liked the clothing item, he'd wear it for a good while and then eventually just have to throw it out as well.  Washing clothes is way too big of a job when you're living on the streets.   

This is when I came up with our free laundry initiative.  

The concept is simple.  We find laundry shops in areas near homeless communities.   We give the laundry shops a large deposit and create free laundry cards with the map, restrictions and expiry date on them.  We pass the cards out to the homeless and explain to them how it works.  

They take their laundry with the voucher to the shop and get it washed for free.  The laundry shop totals the amount and we pay at the end of the month.